Chocolate From Sicily - The Best!


Brand: ChocoHouse di Enrico Vicari

From the Land of Pistachios & Hazelnuts! Only sold at FIORE from this delightful producer!

Modica-Inspired Chocolate using Organic ingredients only! Amazing & fresh flavors to delight your senses!

In the tradition of ancient chocolate production, people replace machines, in order to always guarantee the highest quality and authenticity. And therefore, this method does not require refinement of the ingredients.

With respect to nature – only organic ingredients are used in the making of this Modica-inspired and stylized chocolate.  Each chocolate tablet is wrapped by hand with parchment paper, as tradition dictates. Preserving the process of the ancient Sicilian Chocolate is key, known all over the world because of its unmistakable texture. Of course, some innovation of traditional chocolate happens, appreciated for its refinement and creaminess.

Its processing, in fact, leaves the sugar crystals intact, making the chocolate granular and keeping all the organoleptic properties unchanged. The result is a very high quality chocolate bar with a solid and refined appearance.

Each chocolate bar is made up of only three ingredients: cocoa, sugar and spices - no milk, oils or other fats. Each chocolate bar is 50g.