Specialty Foods / New-Specialty-Foods

  • We have the tastiest pestos, salts from around the world, along with our favorite jams and sauces
  • Salad... the perfect venue for our balsamics and EVOOs
  • Our recipe cards in handy, easy to use stand... 2nd edition now availble!
  • Wine and bread... what more do our oils need?
  • Our sea salt collection spans the globe, from Hawaii to the Himalayas
  • Pesto will brighten any bowl of pasta and make it a feast!

Specialty Foods. We have selected a wonderful assortment of Sea Salts, Pesto, Mustards, Jams and Butters. Great additions to any meal or snack!



Amarena Cherries




Crema Parmigiana Reggiano & Tartufo


Dipping Crackers



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