Organic Green Olives with Almond – Greece


Title: Organic Green Olives with Almond

Hand-stuffed with almonds. A fresh crunch of the olive and an almond bite – a great combination. Available in 7.4 oz (210g) glass jars.

VIOS olives are made using a traditional, natural process that allows the olive taste and benefits to shine through. After they are tree-ripened and carefully harvested by hand, the olives are allowed to slowly cure and ferment in sea salt brine for 5 months, in a natural process that ensures full flavor and firm flesh, and preserves their nutrients. In contrast, most of the table olives that are sold worldwide are chemically treated with sodium hydroxide (also known as "lye," or caustic soda) to speed up the curing process, which strips them of their natural antioxidants and nutritional value, as well as their subtle flavors.