Type 2 diabetes: The cooking oil proven to lower blood sugar levels

TYPE 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that can be a precursor to more serious health problems so it is imperative to keep the condition in check. Lowering blood sugar levels helps to stabilise the condition and a particular cooking oil (EVOO) has been shown to facilitate this process.

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Teenage Entrepreneur Launches Lobster Taxi

A Company Offering Fresh Maine Lobsters Shipped Internationally

Hunter Nelson is no stranger to entrepreneurialism as he started his first company at age eight. Today, seven years later as a seasoned businessperson, Nelson has opened his newest company, Lobster Taxi, an online overnight shipper of live Maine lobster throughout United States and Canada. 

A West Coast-native, Nelson longed for his “Maine lobster experience” after he returned home from summers in Maine. Sure that others felt the same way - as Maine lobsters seem to have this effect - Nelson turned his passion for the product into reality through Lobster Taxi.

"When buying Maine lobsters at the supermarket anywhere outside of Maine, you do not know how long the lobster has been outside of their natural habitat,” said Nelson. "The difference in taste between Supermarket lobster and Lobster Taxi’s is enormous. If someone has never had Lobster from Maine, they may not ever find out how good they really are."

Lobster Taxi also offers amazing Maine Steamer Clams and Mussels, and local dessert favorites like Whoopie Pies, all available online at .



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