Amarena Cherries in Syrup


Brand: Bev Tech, Inc.

Title: Amarena Cherries

These gluten free Amarena Cherries in syrup were first developed in Bologna, Italy by Signora Fabbri in 1905. This was at a time of WWI when food was scarce and folks were eating anything to fill their bellies. Signora Fabbri had amarena cherry trees on her land. Amarena cherries are not edible when just picked from the tree. So she developed a recipe wherein she cooked the cherries in fruit juice and this recipe has lasted since then. Fabbri is still a privately held company based in Bologna Italy.

You will enjoy the delectably tart and irresistible perfect balance with just the right thickness and viscosity. Enjoy in a refreshing homemade Italian soda or any mixed drink/seltzer water, drizzled on ice cream, cheese, used as a glaze on ham, pork – the list goes on!! $12.00 per jar; each jar holds 230g/8.1 oz.