Customer Talk

~ Carrie ~

Dear Fiore Oils and Vinegars,
I just wanted to give you a plug on Facebook, because your vinegars are truly the best and I have certain proof of it.

My daughter is in kindergarten at EEMS in Sheri Burns Bryant's class. Every week they focus on a letter of the alphabet. This week is letter "V." Today during snack I brought in veggies and vinegars for the kids to try. My good friend Elizabeth Young shared with me some of her favorite Fiore vinegars, and I decided on Organic Balsamic, Lemongrass Mint, and Jalapeno Pepper.

My goal as a parent volunteer is to expose the kids to healthful, quality foods and to get them to try new things. I was a little uncertain about how vinegar would go over with the kindergarten set. Clearly, I was lacking in faith. They loved it. And the favorite? Jalapeno. If you can get a bunch of kindergarteners to love jalapeno vinegar, you are doing something right!

Carry on with your good work,
Carrie Kutny

~ Lorraine ~

Shelia in your Bar Harbor Store was very helpful and processed the order for me over the phone. Thank you so much. I want to compliment you and your husband and all the staff for the excellent customer service. I am in awe….you don't get this kind of service anywhere these days. If every company operated the way FIORE Olive Oils does, they would never lose a customer!!!

~ Laura ~

I just wanted to send a couple of positive comments to you regarding my recent order.

First, on the same day I placed this order for 18lbs of oil and vinegar I also placed an on line order for about 1 pound of high quality chocolate. I made note that the shipping costs for the two were nearly exactly the same. Hmmmm. Compliments to you for not taking advantage of your customers by over charging for shipping and “packaging” (where you rightfully could given all that packaging!) Which brings me to my second compliment – I was really pleased to see your explanation of the packaging method because just as I thought “damn, that’s a large box and a lot of peanuts!” I saw your note explaining it all – very nice! It is a pleasure doing business with small local companies and even more so because these little things really do mean a lot. Thank you! I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know!

~ Robin ~

I discovered Fiore while in Bar Harbor! It was my first tasting of oils and vinegars! I can't wait to go back! In fact, I am about to place my first order on line! The Summer Peach White Aged Balsamic was delicious! They have so many oils and vinegars to choose from! If you are in Rockland or Bar Harbor, make Fiore part of your visit!

~ Linda ~

LOVE their stuff....went this fall to the store in Bar Harbor while in the area. The Strawberry Balsamic is to die for!!

~ Annie ~


~ Natalie ~

Don't miss any opportunity to go here.

~ Erika ~

Best Christmas present that I gave myself ....Olive oil, 18 yr aged balsamic vinegar and grapefruit white balsamic. Yum. Thank you Fiore!

~ Sandra ~

Absolutely one of my favorite stores can't wait for my next visit see you soon.

~ Kathleen ~

Great Gifts to give! The best EVOO and Balsamic Vinegars anywhere.

~ Kevin ~

Excellent variety, the real deal!!! Great presents for clients and friends!

~ Cathy ~

It's an educational, tasty, and enjoyable stop to learn more about the olive oils and balsamic vinegars at Fiore.

~Judi ~

18 year balsamic aged vinegar, peach vinegar and dark chocolate vinegar. YUM

~ Patty ~

Run, do not walk, to Fiore's and get and assortment of oils & vinegars to mix & match on your salads, pastas, and everything else you cook. Best food find we've had in years.

~ Jim ~

You are a sweet business woman. I'll bet Martha Stewart could really read a page from your book. Thank you!

~ Angela ~

This is the BEST olive oil (lime) and vinegar (black cherry) we've EVER had!! Not only great to buy American, but the quality is SUPERB!!!! I'll never be without a bottle of each again!

~ Judi ~

THE BEST. Bought for Christmas presents in July and need to buy more because I used it all up! XOXO

~ Janet ~

Wonderful balsamics and olive oils, and I love the recipes you send on request. Terrific customer service at all times!

~ David ~

If you love vinegars and oils this place is the best/ Love the Black cherry balsamic. Will be ordering again and vising next year.

~ Deborah ~

This was a wonderful shop we found in Bar Harbor :)

~ Cara ~

Just a quick note of appreciation for the Fiore Store in Rockland. The set-up is perfectly clean, organized, and welcoming.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the taste testing (as did the ladies I brought with me)! It was delight to purchase a fine bottle of vinegar (chose the Cinnamon Pear- although there are many I wish I had the on-hand funds to be able to take a few more bottles home with me)! In due time:-)

Again, my Thanks for your product & quality store.

~ Patricia Ann ~

Excellent products, top quality. Enjoy!

~ Helen ~

This is the TOP OF THE LINE oil and vinegars!! You have to try it to believe it.

~ MJ ~

Dear Nancy - It was so good to see you last week. Ken and I enjoyed the chance to dance in your garden of flavors again and I'm really looking forward to the quarterly new tastes that come with membership in Club Fiore. I did as you suggested and combined the blood orange evoo with the grapefruit white balsamic, drizzling it on a purchased salad (y'know - lots of iceberg, a few pepper and cuke bits, a kalamata olive or two) and WOW! Iceberg never had it so good! I used no other seasonings, not even salt and pepper. It was so simply delicious and fresh. I talk about your products all the time with friends, family and clients and send them to your web site. And they're my go-to Christmas client and vendor gifts. Continued great success to you, Pat and your team.

~ Cindy ~

Introduced to the heavenly bottles of vinegar and oils 2 years ago, and almost ready to send another order. Friends rave over the 18 year balsamic vinegar.

~ James ~

Excellent idea for a store and product. They'd be deadly if they located next to a bakery.

~ Jeannie ~

Love Fiore Olive Oils and Vinegars!!

~ Emily Kate ~

We visited the Fiore Tasting Room - twice - during our visit to Bar Harbor this past week and wish we had one in North Carolina. Their specialty olive oils and vinegars are scrumptious. We came home with Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange and Butternut Squash Seed Olive Oils and Cinnamon Pear, Strawberry and 18-Year Aged Balsamic Vinegars. If I could have - I would have come home with every flavor available (upwards of 20 varieties of both oils and vinegars). If you ever get to Bar Harbor or Rockland, Maine, a visit to Fiore's is a must. However, you can also purchase their items online at - I know I will. This would also be a wonderful Christmas gift for someone special!

~ Katie ~

If you love food - you'll love to know about these oils and vinegars - worth the drive to Bar Harbor or Rockland - or they DO mail order! YUM.

~ Kathleen ~

Recently visited your store in Bar Harbor-loved the selection and the fact that you could sample all of the selections. The oils that I bought there are wonderful- the roasted French Walnut and Butternut Squash Seed oils are so delicious. The Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic is also amazing. Can't wait to try making new dishes with them.

~ Eileen ~

Never knew that vinegars and oils could be so interesting and tasty!