Minimum Order 10

Custom FIORE Gift Pack

Please call to place order.

(207) 801 2580

The ultimate gift showcasing your favorite FIORE flavors for your favorite 10 family members and friends?  Well, here it is!  A gift pack featuring 5 bottles, each 60mL size, that you personalize by hand-selecting your favorite taste treats for your very favorite people!

And what a terrific corporate gift --- the gift of your favorite FIORE oils and vinegars!

How it works --- (the minimum order required is at least 10 of these gift packs), select 5 of your favorite FIORE oils and/or vinegars, at a great price of $24.75 each pack. (Because we require a minimum of 10 packs to be ordered, we give you an immediate 10% discount off the $27.50 price -- so $24.75 each!).

Call and tell us your favorite FIORE oils and vinegars --- and we will make your custom gift packs for you in just a few days!