Pistachio Cream from Sicily


Brand: ChocoHouse di Enrico Vicari

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Bronte pistachios from the Mount Etna area of Sicily are world-renowned as the finest and tastiest pistachios anywhere!  And here they are in a delightful all-natural cream for you!  The rich aroma of the pistachios will get your senses first, then the amazing flavor of pistachios like you have never tasted – all in a jar for you to love and enjoy.  Use this delight served with cheeses as an accompaniment, on crostini or crackers, crisp fresh veggies dipped to your heart’s content!  Spread a bit on your toast – oh my gosh did I mention fruit! Wow, the list goes on.  You will find 10,000 tasty reasons to open this jar of Pistachio Cream from Sicily every day!! Only sold at FIORE from this delightful producer!

Ingredients: Bronte Pistachios, raw cane sugar, cacao. extra virgin olive oil. Jar holds 200g